B.Traits presents a multi-sensory event that explores a higher state of consciousness through a combination of ambient and minimalist music, sound and frequency activations, and gentle group meditation.

The event will take place in the newly rediscovered and renovated theatre space at EartH (Evolutionary Arts Hackney) in Dalston. The venue features the first permanent installation of L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound Technology, creating a complete 360 degree auditory experience.

“Meditation has had a profound impact on my life. It’s not only helped me manage anxiety and depression, but has also expanded my creative horizon and defined an accessible calm in my daily life.”

“Paciphonic is a chance for me to expand what I do musically already as a selector, producer, curator, and presenter, and combine it with my knowledge and practice in self-development and life balance. I feel it’s time to bridge the gap between the two, and through Paciphonic I hope we can build an inclusive community, to collectively enhance and improve our well-being”.

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